Video: billiards trick shots


Great camera effects but for my money nothing beats artistic billiards ( For those not familiar with three cushion rules, you have to carom the cue ball off one ball and strike the other but before the cueball hits the 2nd, it has to make contact with at least 3 cushions - in any order. So rail rail rail ball ball counts as does ball rail rail rail ball or rail ball rail rail ball, etc.


As an amateur not very good pool player with a strong interest in the game’s history trick shots always impress the hell out of me. I suppose an argument could be made that trick shots are “less pure” than “real” pool games, although I’ve never heard anyone make that argument. Some players focus on regular tournament play, some focus on trick shots, and there seems to be equal respect for both. And even though some trick techniques aren’t allowed in tournament play the control and understanding needed for trick shots has gotta make anyone’s game better.

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This is basically someone using a GoPro to make an advert for billiards, right?


I’m more impressed with how GoPro seems to have cornered the market on videos. Every other camera company must be gnashing their teeth.

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I was hoping that was the case, but this seems to be the official GoPro channel. Seems a shame that they went with someone second-rate [disclaimer: just my non-expert opinion], considering what’s out there, like every video this guy does… Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler

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