Learn how to recreate this pop art drag queen look

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My God, why?


Why: participating in and continuing the tradition of drag culture, using creative methods for self expression, re-creating a makeup look from a tv show, enjoying make-up as an art/craft, doing a promotional video for RuPauls Drag Race, bringing fun into the world.


Hm. I suppose. Get off my lawn anyway, you kids.

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I’m glad he’s out there doing what he’s good at. I went on a real journey with seeing him on Drag Race. At first I was like “oh she’ll totally win” because he is super pretty and good at makeup, but then the confidence thing started to become apparent. And then some of the other queens were yelling at her to be more confident and it felt like bullying. But then I started to sympathise with the yelling, because if you’re doing that well, and everyone else sees it but you, it’s like, maybe your job is to listen to other queens instead of yourself. Which possibly is something I should consider once in a while.

Anyway, the point is everyone should watch Drag Race, and also Sasha Velour should win season 9 but Shea would also be acceptable.


i have never seen Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but good god i love drag queens. and he is SO good at it.


My drag queen name would be Tchotchke Glintz, awesomeness.


I was afraid to look at the comments, and of course the first thing I see is a homophobic expression of disgust. But it is nice to see that Nina, who is such an incredible artist, has fans too. She’s the real deal. I highly recommend her old instagram videos where she does every look from lisa simpson to skeleton demons.


If I was a drag queen, my name would be Tosca Nono.

That’s both a tribute to the opera Tosca and the conductor Arturo Toscanini.


A lot of the drek I see on YouTube these days is backlash against representation in the media, so I dreaded reading comments of “White face! See, SJWs, drag queens are the real racists! Why is this OK? If this was reversed, you’d be outraged!” etc, etc. But we lucked out this time.

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