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I think that GIF threw my neck out.


Female sushi chefs are still rare; traditionally, it was a male occupation.


Requirement #1: Very sharp knife.
Requirement #2: Keep sharpening very sharp knife.

My grandson who is at the Star Wars stage of waving sticks around and making thrumming noises was, in fact, suitably careful (and slightly awed) when allowed to help make sushi and use the Very Sharp Knife. I think it’s good training for later responsibility.


Love: “If they do not want to eat her sushi, I will not make them sushi either, they can go home”. Who wouldn’t want to work for a person like that?

Another fantastic show for those who are interested:

A key ingredient, but easily overshadowed, is the rice. Of which Jiro makes his apprentices start there and will do nothing but make rice for years.


This is an extraordinary documentary about sushi but perhaps more about an obsessive pursuit of perfection. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it.


When sushi stops being an obsessive pursuit of perfection, it stops being sushi.


I’ve just checked and I currently have 6 kinds of rice in the larder. Compared to the boring sameness of wheat, rice is a wonderfully varied staple with many different uses.


Is that name a joke or some weeaboo thing?

Here in Japan “rare” would mean “almost entirely unknown”. I’m sure there must be some here somewhere but in the 18.5 years I’ve lived here I’ve never seen one. Also it seems even women here are of the idea that women shouldnt be sushi chefs. I’ve even heard this from “C level” executive women. Tradition can trump western thinking round these parts.

I’ve never watched that movie but I have eaten there. Was it ¥30,00 good? Cant say but I am glad I had the experience. Also eaten at his son’s place. If you have the chance to eat at either, aside from a fat wallet you need a big appetite as well. Both places serve fixed course meals with lots of food. If you have allergies to or dietary restrictions concerning any kind of seafood, be sure to let either place know in advance when you book. Both are accommodating in this area.


It is not possible to second your recommendation for Jiro Dreams of Sushi enough. It should be in everyone’s top 100 list.


The thinking is that average woman’s body temperature is minutely higher than the average man’s and thus her hands will just barely cook the raw fish while touching it.

This superstition came about many generations before it was possible to actually measure body temperature accurately enough to discover that slight average difference.


Aware of the idea as are most people but still the tradition holds.

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