LED cloud lights


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I wonder how they will look after couple months in a moderately dusty environment, possibly with a smoker or two around…

Pretty, though. How practical they are is still a question.



Looking forward to this light dropping farm animals and becoming president of the school board.


Call me when they’ve developed a White Hot Burning Sphere of Rage that projects images of Ronald the Ray-Gun, an image of a .45 ACP, and thumbs-up Hay-suess Christo on the ceiling. In an election year? Dear Dog the conservatives would go batshit for the thing.


These are neat, and the prices aren’t too bad, but it seems like something you could make at home for 10 bucks if you knew how to do it. Any guesses as to what they’re made of?


“Natural fibers”. So most likely an overgrown cotton ball.


So you could just replace the cotton when it inevitably gets grimy.


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