LED onesie to treat babies with jaundice


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This is cool and important tech, but UV blankets have been around for almost 30 years, far as I know.



Plus, it’s reversible, so anybody can have a high-luminosity baby!


Yeah, our first daughter had jaundice, and had to spend her second night in the bilibox, a plastic box with armholes, naked with a paper eye mask. It was pretty brutal, short of what people with preemies in the icu go through of course, but painful nonetheless. You can be sure with our second we had our finger hover over the autodial to a company that delivers biliblankets…


That would be cool. Whether it can be used for the preemie babies is a question. They’re so small and usually have to be in the humidicribs anyway. The NICU my daughter was in had these awesome little eye masks shaped like sunglasses. They helped soften the experience a bit.


My daughter had newborn jaundice, and we were sent home from the hospital with what looked like a light table for us to velcro her to. In my benighted part of the country, none of the home medical supply houses had the bili-blankets.


Newborns!? pshaw! I need this fabric for my next playa costume.


My son (and first born) was slightly jaundiced, but since it was August, and our pediatrician was old-school, he said, “the weather is great this week; go outside, but the kid in a diaper, and get each of you a sun-tan.” I even had sort of a baby-shaped lighter spot on my chest for a couple of weeks until the tan faded. It was fun when friends and relatives came over to see the baby. My wife (who is very fair skinned, so this was on me) was sleeping it off and I was sitting out in the yard drinking a beer with my little man. One of the best weeks ever.


We went through the same thing too. It was heartbreaking having him away from us for that time. I ended up crocheting him a hat because I needed some way to feel connected to him and something to focus on other than how much I ached to have him with me. He quickly figured out if he made signs like he was hungry that the nurses would bring him to me. He faked them out several times. I was quite proud.


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