LEDs on pentagonal tiles for creating dynamic light sculptures




Too bad about having to solder them. Other than that, very interesting.


Agree about the soldering, since this is low-voltage, surface-to-surface contact at the interlock points would work. Also - why not triangles or other polygons?


I thought you had to sodder them together? Which is strange because it looked very much like he was soldering them.
It’s like “older” with an s on the front. If you pronounce older as odder, then carry on being odd.


Which version?

Last time I was there, you had over a dozen different pronunciations within a few hundred miles. So when you all agree on the one true way of speaking English (which is the West Country accent), then you can have a whinge. Not before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you know who likes pentagons?

(also explains the soldering (high heat) to connect them)


We’ve looked at a bunch of different interconnect options. It’s a little tricky to get surface contacts to work well without using a connector, and these ones need a non-gendered connector for the topology to work correctly. The soldering is pretty easy and makes them strong, but is also more of a permanent thing.

I chose pentagons because they’re a little goofy and don’t tile well in 2 dimensions, to encourage builders to try and make more 3 dimensional structures. Triangles would of course be the most versatile, we’ll probably make a few different shapes after the kickstarter is over (offering a bunch of different varieties for kickstarter rewards is usually a recipe for a logistics disaster)


Have you tried playing our kickstarter video backwards?


I got a 404 on the link but this seems fine:



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