Legal Eagle: Trump's "delete footage" order could mean 20 years prison for all three charged

It’s not the first rule of IT, there are others; but we don’t delete files; the retention policy gets applied to files. Now, much of the time the retention policy (much to the confusion of users) is actually a timed deletion policy; but it’s not one you can just casually mess with; except by placing more restrictive legal holds on things.


You mean these?

More like “There’s no way on this planet I’m taking the fall for these clowns” or “I’m not going to risk my career for that.”

THIS. :: puts on admin hat for backup software :: One of the things I fought with on several of the backups systems we have at [RedactedCo] is reclaiming space from old backups that are past their retention date, yet the software refuses to delete them out because there is a different retention policy in effect for that data. :: switches hat to email admin hat :: And legal hold, at least in the MS Exchange world, means that while the user can ‘delete’ the emails, the system won’t actually remove them and the compliance administrator can get a copy of those messages quite easily through the admin interface for things like a legal request.

:: takes off hat- it was getting stuffy in there ::


For almost a year I made the mistake of taking an IT Tech position for a collection agency. It was, of course, full of fraud and illegal activities, but I was young and justified it to myself way more than I should have. When I started getting requests from management to alter collection agent records, I knew something was up, so I asked for those requests to come to me via email. The requests quickly dropped off. (What few I got after that, I made sure to save copies to my own backup media.) I was fired not too long after that for some reason. Weird that.


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