Newly released footage shows J6 insurrectionists ransacking Jim Risch's office

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It’s marvelous how willingly they taped their own larceny.


Just like a tourist visit! /s

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they believed that they were the “true patriots” and that Trump would be installed as dictator for life… sorry, I mean as President… and there would be no consequences, since they’d be on the “right side of history”… this is what happens when you have a few decades of people who listen to nothing but right wing media, that keeps pushing them further to the right, as it reinforces their narrow and bigoted worldview…


“Risch’s only response to this was “I don’t do interviews on Jan. 6, but thanks for asking.”

‘Yer welcome, but since today is Mar. 9, how about answering some voters’ questions about the capitol insurrection?’


hmm, I saw lots of faces in that video. I hope they’ve all been tracked down and prosecuted. Now, if only the ‘ring-leaders’ can be prosecuted.


Rewards! They would be the happy few there on Saint Crispin’s MAGA Day/


An argument I’ve been hearing conservatives make is that there are “40,000 hours of footage we haven’t seen” and they think there’s something in there (somewhere) that will exonerate a lot of the people charged.

Really? How?

If we have video of a known Proud Boy smashing a window with a stolen police riot shield, what would exonerate him? Perhaps if he were breaking the window to get help for someone having a heart attack and the crowd wouldn’t let them out. But if that were the case he would have already used that defense in the trial, and tried to get footage to prove it. I’m sure a lot of these people plead guilty because they knew they were caught red-handed, sometimes by their own video.

[ETA: there seem to be evolving excuses for why the people who plead guilty did so, including “corrupt public defenders tricked them” and “they were held in solitary for months as torture”, which is like some sleight of hand ploy to obscure the mountain of evidence against them.]


“Risch’s only response to this was “I don’t do interviews on Jan. 6, but thanks for asking.”

That’s close to a Mike Pence level of doormat cowardice.


I remember one 30something blonde woman weeping in shock and disbelief on one of the news networks complaining that she and the people she’d been with had been tear-gassed at some point after breaking into the Capitol. The reporter asked what they were doing there and she responded as if she’d just been asked the dumbest question she’d ever heard: “It’s the revolution!”

Say what you will about the Founders but I don’t think they were naive enough to go to war thinking the Redcoats would never shoot back.


Oh, you mean Elizabeth from Knoxville? Probably my favorite video in the genre. I can’t decide if she deserves an Oscar or that onion she’s rubbing in her eyes does.


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Well, completely ignoring that that happened would “exonerate” him in the eyes of MAGAts. They’ve become masters at ignoring any and all anti-Trump evidence that’s sitting right in front of them.


Ah, yes. I guess I misremembered her as a blonde because she radiated so much white privilege she bordered on translucent.


The bit that’s really puzzling about their puzzlement is that the ‘revolutionaries’ did not generally seem to have a velvet revolution in mind.

It’s one thing to show up for a peaceful demonstration against some systemic wrong and be upset and unpleasantly surprised when the regime calls in the jackboots and they obediently start beating people down and bundling them away; but when you show up with a “we’re going to execute a blood purge of our enemies” program it seems utterly delusional to not expect, at a minimum, the people you are trying to exterminate to be more or less vigorously against that plan.

Fits well with the ‘for me but not for thee’ style; but that’s not really a virtue.


I can’t find the mashup if that video and animaniacs. It was, the best.


Oh, I had forgotten about that. Thank you so much.

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Exactly, if this guy was there all day and the only footage of him doing something criminal is the two or three minutes he was violently smashing windows with a stolen police riot shield - well, that’s only a third of a percent of the day. That clearly rounds out to an innocent, peaceful, patriotic protester!/s


Dahmer wasn’t killing and eating people 24/7! Give him a break!


John Wilkes Booth was only in that balcony for maybe 5 or 10 seconds tops but it’s the only part of his visit to Ford’s Theatre that anyone ever wants to talk about.

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