Newly released footage shows J6 insurrectionists ransacking Jim Risch's office

right-wing insurrectionists always think the cops will be on their side

the “back the blue” ideology prevents them from learning anything from experience


To be fair, I do see where this sort of misconception might stem from.


Right? Nobody ever wants to talk about the play or anything. It’s so disrespectful to the performers and the rest of the audience.


Look, these were entirely peaceful protesters until they were violently assaulted by police officers trying to prevent them from entering the Capitol buildings, forcing Congress to ignore the results of the election and install Trump as President, peacefully executing Mike Pence and various other known traitors and taking selfies with their corpses.

It’s only due to police brutality that these poor peaceful patriots were forced to bludgeon their way in.


Does that need a sarcasm tag? Yes, it probably does.


The last time I was at a protest in DC was March For Our Lives in 2018.

Close to a million people, mostly young adults, very well behaved and respectful. We talked to a lot of them, they were very kind to us old folks explaining to us who was on stage when we didn’t know who they were.

Afterwards we wandered around DC with our new friends, we even went over to the Capitol.

The funny thing is we entered through the doors, we didn’t even consider using the windows. We also stayed between the velvet ropes that guided us through the building.

Did we do it wrong?

Back in the 90s me and my brother got a couple passes from our representative and went to the Capitol. Congress was in session but it was just John Glenn giving a boring speech so we started wandering around. We kept going places we shouldn’t have. Eventually a man and woman in blue blazers with earpieces questioned us because we managed to get into a restricted area. They politely escorted us out and suggested we not return until we learned how to behave.

We never considered assaulting then with a flag pole because freedum.

I guess we did that wrong as well.

Our peaceful visitors guide didn’t say anything about ransacking offices.


I hear smearing feces on them is the preferred method these days.


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You mean, like BLM protests? Marches for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights….stuff like that?

But that can’t happen to them, because they’re on the right side of the jackboots.


Conception, even!

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Good call. Because what you wrote is exactly how the RWNJs fabricate a false equivalence to BLM protests, where the cops did attack peaceful protesters.


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