Legend of Zelda theme played on marimba

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No joke this is my main ring tone for the last 15 years.


My first thought: are those plaid shorts back in style with kids again? My second thought (after looking at upload date): ah, this is from 2011.

I am not disappointed in boingboing for this.


The Super Mario Bros. theme seems to get more attention, but I’ve always considered the Zelda theme to be perfect.

I wonder if they’d ever consider covering the intro to Super Mario RPG? There might be tunage better suited to the marimba somewhere out there, but I can’t think of what it would be.

They were back in style in 2011?

These kids these days, are so upbeat. In my day and age, I could only pull off the percussion ensemble of Another Brick in the Wall, which actually sounded great up until the guitar solo, which fell off the register of the two octave xylophone in our middle school band room.

I’ll never not use a tenuous excuse to share this:

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No, but I think they were still more likely to be worn by the unfashionable than they are today.

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Dang. When I had my high school’s marimba in my room over the summer many years ago the only thing I did was master “Cuban Pete.”

I always liked the marimba. It takes some skill to get good at it. I always thought it was weird how every beauty pageant I watched growing up had a marimba player.

This is my favorite rendition

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