Legendary Betty Davis and Miles Davis funk/fusion/psych session released


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@pesco why do you post such things when I am unemployed?
Bookmarked for a yay I got a job purchase in the hopefully near future.


My memory tells me that Miles Davis was talking with Jimi Hendrix about playing together around the time that Jimi died. Imagine what that would have been like.


Man, I really want to give them my money, but it appears there is no digital version. I don’t own a cd or record player.


While this sounds wondrously wunnerful, still, I can’t help thinking it was Miles Davis and Bette Davis. Whoa!


And she was great in the Man Who Came to Dinner.

But seriously, this looks like something I shall have to look into.


I didn’t know that my ears were itching to hear this, but they most certainly are.


Imagine thinking it was Bette Davis with Jimi Hendrix. Double whoa.


Not overly surprising - Jimi was jamming with John McLaughlin and Larry Young at the time, and we do have some tapes of that.


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