Legendary fantasy artist Chris Achilleos dead at 74

Originally published at: Legendary fantasy artist Chris Achilleos dead at 74 | Boing Boing


Not entirely sure, I do believe it was the Fox Hole’s [punk bar/SF] men’s room was decorated head to toe with his posters. Amazing detail, they guy was a true illustrator creative maker.


One of his collections was my go-to book to flick through in the Athena store when I was a kid back in the 80s. There was the rough, painterly style of Boris Vallejo and then there was Chris’ crisp, clear illustrations and I always admired his work.


Not familiar with the name, but a search of his work looks like I am familiar with it. Most notably that well known Heavy Metal cover. I can’t visit his main site right now :confused:


Ah bloody hell, do I love his stuff, and 74 is hardly a great age after all.
The fella was GOOD.

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