Pinterest board full of nostalgic D&D art




That is one of the most awesome things I have seen today. Though it did remind me of why I gave up on D&D. Went too far to many games where the DM said ‘you need this book and this book and this book’ before I could play. Gave up on it and moved on.


[wipes manly tear from eye. sighs wistfully]


Pfaugh! Why, back in my day the art was totally amateur-looking. Whippersnappers.


Speaking of D&D art, former TSR artist Dave Trampier just passed away. He’s best remembered for the cover of old players manual with the jewel-eyed idol and the Wormy comic:


I still have The Gauntlet and The Sentinel back at home with my 1st and 2nd Ed. AD&D books. The remembers…



This is why i’ve been a bit melancholy all day.DAT had a great graphic style which I think suited the games he helped illustrate very well.

(And I’ve always loved Wormy.)


I love how his technique improved by the late 70’s, with the full-on, high-contrast style, seen in his iconic images of a lich, pseudodragon, and rakshasa. Truly one of the best of the D&D illustrators.


Do we know which downloads from them have DRM - has anyone kept a list?
(IIRC, they’re powered by the DriveThru site, which I seem to recall doesn’t DRM but watermarks their PDFs with identifying info.)


Rest in peace D.A.T.


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