The amazing deluxe commemorative edition of The Art of Dungeons and Dragons is out today


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When the collector’s edition comes out it means the game is really over.


Unless it rolls a Saving Throw!


Elmore was the man.


Jeff Dee FTW


Lots of brilliant concept art from Tony DiTerlizzi in here, can’t wait to get my hands on the whole package.


I had a puzzle of this cover, I swear I did made and remade that thing every other day.


Timothy Truman was also awesome and did a lot of the interior art for the Endless Quest books and D&D Guides…

and of course he went on to one of the coolest comic runs (Edit: thanks @Mister44 I copied the wrong image) …


What no love for Erol Otus?


i really loved Erol Otus’s stuff!


That’s Bart Sears. Though maybe later issues, I am guessing?

Randy Elliot did interiors, and he drew the DC run of Dragonlance and I really liked his stuff.

Jan Duursema did DC’s AD&D books and I thought she was fantastic as well. She went on to do a lot of Star Wars. I have a dream of making a board game with her artwork.

As for the book - want, but can’t justify the price.

As for D&D art in general, is anyone else less than impressed with the cover art for 5ed? I think it is all digital and looks just unfinished. This is fine for the interior, but it pales compared to Elmore or Easley.

It’s all defined, has a sense of massive scale, high detail, good movement and light.

Meh. I will say use of light is good. The movement overall is good, though the figure in the bottom right is tacked on. But look at the detail - espeically the giants cloths or the figures clothes. It’s just hazy and blurred. Now part of this probably is the medium, but I have seen digital illustrations with much more sharpness to them.

I know, I know, I probably sound like an old man bitching. But still.


Huge fan right here!


Why is it that we never think at the time, “this stuff will be a classic collectible?” I remember my Chainmail rule book, with cheesy plastic spiral binding. I have tactile memories of it. <sniff!>




When I was 9 or so I colored all mine in with colored pens. Probably didn’t do much for resale. Did you see the Venture Brothers episode where they keep recalculating the GDC value in the upper right-hand corner of the screen?


Otus was one the reasons I became an artist in the first place!

And this was one of the few things I’ve ever actually preordered. (The only other being Wind Waker for the GameCube.) No less recently than two days ago, but I think that still counts.

All of this has been collect-edited before, and will be collect-edited again.


I always loved D.A. Trampier. Just discovered his tragic demise:


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