'Legendary Insult Comic' Jabba the Hutt teaches a MasterClass on comedy

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Thank you! That was startlingly good. Great costumes, excellent writing, even the accents are mostly spot-on. LOL at Lando laughing (alone) at Nien Nunb’s patter.


Now how do I get my hands on 90 imperial credits?


Again I am reminded that Star Wars fan-generated shorts are more entertaining than any of the last four Star Wars films.


Beat me to it.

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Pure quality.

Would that be Rogue One, Force Awakens and the last two prequels? Which would make Phantom Menace “entertaining”? Strongly disagree. The prequels were all dire, FA was mediocre (albeit welcome), but Rogue One hit it right out of the park. Just in the humour department, “paranoid android” K2-SO delivers more hilarity than all three prequels put together.

Are they playing the Game of Thrones theme sideways? (In the background in the first minute)

Wow. I forgot about Rogue One. I guess I just tuned out Star Wars after The Force Awakens (which I think was more soap opera than saga.) Basically my view is that Star Wars should have stopped after ROTJ. I can understand the allure of making the prequels and subsequent sequels, but I was bored to tears by all of them.

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