LEGO Classic 60's TV BatCave


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As usual with Lego, I go “That’s neat!” and then I see the price.

Luckily, I have my imagination and this single red 4x2 Lego brick that’s a little melted on one side, so I’ve already got the best Batmobile/Batcopter/Batcave. So there!



Does it come with a bunch of silly bat-label stickers?


No giant penny? Meh.


Yeah, it does, actually. It’s a pretty great set.


i bought a 1962 mattel vac-u-form set today at an estate sale for $20. it had a 90% complete set of form, almost 200 plastic blanks, all of the original instructions, plus the heating element and the vacuum system on machine itself both work. when the wife and i get back from our vacation i’m going to be doing some playing.


If you send Bruce Wayne down the Batpole in stately Wayne Manor does Bruce Wayne end up in the Batcave below, or is there some kind of complex mechanism that enables you to send Bruce Wayne down the pole and get Batman at the bottom?


Same computer as in the Batcave:


I just checked, it’s on sale for $.04 less, now’s the time!


I’d be a fool not to buy it!


I don’t think the TV Batcave had the giant penny.


Yeah, if you put Bruce and Dick into the book case, you can close the door, pull a little lever, and the dynamic duo will drop down their bat-poles into the cave. Magic!


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