Lenin statue loses head in mishap


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Suspect seen fleeing the scene:


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…


A century too late, alas.


How to get a head in the Communist Party.


That loose rope rig was supposed to work… how exactly?


I admit, an alternative history story where the social-democratic leaning Alexander Kerensky stayed in power would be interesting to read.


Just a normal day in Russia.


See, this is why you should never be lifted by your neck by a crane.


Does this portend possible goals by the Trump administration to eventually target OSHA next and cut back on ‘troublesome’ and ‘unnecessary’ obstacles to improving the economy? Mmmm, not really… but we were just as cock sure about how the election would turn out.


After the end of the Soviet Union me and a friend were both shaking our heads in despair-- all across the vast former Soviet empire statues of Lenin were being pulled down and piled up in scrap yards, and we so badly wished we had the thousands of dollars needed to buy and ship at least a couple of them to the US.

A giant statue of Lenin would be the ultimate lawn ornament.


Worry not, my friend… Have some more vodka.


Someone update Wikipedia! The last thing Lenin oppressed: one ladder.


Fremont, WA is living your dream: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Lenin,_Seattle


The Fremont Troll could not be reached for comment.

(I used to live not far from there, moved away long before the Lenin was put up.)


Ah, just as he predicted – the triumph of the proletariat. Workers of the World Untie!


There are better Russian lawn ornaments:


Say what you will but my back now feels fantastic!


Honey ? Where did you park the supersonic plane ?


When Steve Bannon described himself as a Leninist he was just trolling the audience, right?