Lent: Jo Walton's new novel is Dante's Groundhog Day

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The idea of a demon being martyred and sent back to the beginning again is very reminiscent of the insane and essential manga/anime Devilman, in which by the end of it, the literal devil destroys the world in a weird lovers quarrel and is punished by God to relive it all over again ad infinitum

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Dangitall, Cory, I was excited that Jo Walton had penned a book about Dante Alighieri. I would read it if she did. This doesn’t sound like that. The title of this post is deceptive for Dante-heads like myself.


This sounds fun, am definitely adding it to The List :slight_smile:

I thoroughly enjoyed The Just City, though was progressively disappointed with the sequels (the second one is okay, but the third one made me wanna scream and hurl the book across the room…sigh!)

Exactly, King Mob. The first one felt really smart, but the last one was a mediocre fantasy novel.

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