Leonard Cohen wrote the perfect anthem for our times

Another perfect song for our times:


I was flying back to Toronto from Stuttgart on Friday morning, and when I stepped aboard the Lufthansa plane, they were playing Leonard Cohen on the on-board speakers. I stopped, startled and felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Apparently, it showed on my face - because the closest flight attendant looked at me, put her hand on my shoulder and said “Are you Canadian sir?”. I just nodded, and she said “oh, sir, I’m so sorry for your loss”.

It’s been a clusterfuck of a week.




Fuck you. My ears didn’t need that.

SNL was excellent last night. There wasn’t a moment that I disliked, from the Cold Open to the musical performances and even Michael Che fucking up his joke. I’ll even forgive Chappelle for spoiling the season premiere of The Walking Dead, that I hadn’t seen yet! Because he had the black, blind white supremacist.


I’m with you. Driving home Thursday night, the first thing NPR said was “Leonard Cohen is dead.” And Everybody knows started in my head. I got to a stop light and pulled it up. If he weren’t already sick, I’d say this election killed him, but he’s too nihilistic for that. Nope. He always knew.

And yeah, Pump It Up had the best soundtrack, along with being a severely underrated movie. It was beautifully curated. Between that and Wave of Mutilation from the Pixies, it put me on a path to find a lot of great music I’d have never found for far too long otherwise.


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