Gorillaz new video with Benjamin Clementine in Trump Tower


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Ball of Confusion, performed live by the Temptations



Premultiply alpha!


As an art project, I guess it’s ok.

As a tune, it’s just terrible.


in Trump Tower


Absolutely fantastic!

Requiem for America


Feels like more of an overture, an opening track. Setting the tone, not something to groove with.

I dug it anyway.


That was not what I was expect. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it. Interesting, and I think there’s something there but not something I can bounce my head to. I may watch it again at some point.


Liked the Gorillaz to some degree in the past. I’ve never bought any of their music, never pirated any either, but -you know- liked it in general.
This I don’t like. It’s pretty simple, it sounds bad. Will not watch/listen again and simply won’t think twice about.


Loved it. Very Gorillaz-y and well towards the experimental end of things. Could see that sitting really well as part of an album. As a stand-alone track, could be a bit challenging if you’re not familiar with them. :slight_smile:


Was just scrolling through the comments on u-tub, and there is a surprising (to me) amount of both baseless, nearly incoherent disgust, and negative…astroturfing? i guess you could call it? Lots of accounts made just for posting dislike.


Do you read the comments much on YouTube? It looks fairly typical IME.



Nice to count oneself among the lucky 10,000 especially when it means discovering an artist like Benjamin Clementine! IMO Gorillaz are the real beneficiaries of this collaboration. This is a good reason to hate on the over use of the word awesome. Such a rich tapestry of associations from the visual to the auditory. His performance evoked for me Christopher Walken, Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi, Laurie Anderson, just wow. There is something both surreal and bracing in it. A balm on the eve of this strange age we are to enter. Thank you @pesco.


I’m hoping that the Trump chill on the US would at least make for a brilliant counterculture art renaissance. Unfortunately not the case here.


MAGA Death Panels?


Obligatory XKCD:


it didn’t have me until Clementine sang, and held me until the end. I think it does a good job evoking a sense of history repeating itself.

But I have been listening to the band since the beginning and enjoy their experimental stuff a lot. Especially when they slow the hell down.


Amazing voice. I’ve been checking out his other stuff. It’s a good day when I come across a talent like that. :smiley:


Meh. I am(was?) hyped for the new album. I get the video as some sort of artsy political statement but I do hope the new album is less artsy and more “musicy”.


I’m grateful to this video for introducing me to Benjamin Clementine, who is brilliant, even with less than brilliant material like this.