A song for Donald Trump


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I can’t understand what he’s saying. I have a hard time with voices as it is, and no sub titles. No jokes for me today. :frowning:


they say he’s a hero of robert di nero? i didn’t finish watching it.


It sounded to me like he was singing;

Tramping and jumping,
Today is trendy.
Tramping and jumping,
I’m Trendy Andy!

There is also some stuff about our yugest national embarrassment,
it’s quite nice.


“Elite European sophistication” ? We beg to differ.


only song that applies to him


I don’t think the singer knows what he’s saying either.


I was about to comment on how bad this is (which there is no denying), but curiosity gave me pause so I went over to Andrzej’s Polish Wiki page for a look. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrzej_Rosiewicz

I’d be curious if any Polish readers have more insight into this guy. Is this his schtick? Or is he being intentionally bad on this occasion?

Either way - he is a 75 year old man dancing on TV with a young lady. Props.


I’m sorry, but this was just terrible and now I’ve got this tune in my head.


Here’s a cure for that.

Or this:


This is idiotic


Couldn’t help but feel sorry for the old guy.

Here’s something to rinse your ears…


"Sing and jump (repeat)
Sing all together for Donald Trump"
I understand (parts of) it, but I really don’t get it.
I guess it’s a weirdly idiotic pro-Trump song, Poland having taken a very hard-right turn in recent years, of which Donald Trump approves (and the feeling is therefore mutual)?


Roger That!


Thanks for that! My faith in the internet has been restored.


I would not be so sure. Judging by this guys CV - it is likely a loosely disguised parody. Someone from Poland can likely confirm or deny.


I guess that he’s intentionally bad. Maybe it was meant to be something like Rammstein’s “Amerika”? Anyway, it’s so bad that it’s hard to watch and I completely don’t get it. On Wikipedia there’s link to his live performance for Mikhail Gorbachev in 1988:

The performance is highly critical of Soviet Union(especially Polish parts of song), he also wears hat with inverted Soviet star :slight_smile:


I am sure this was @beschizza’s evil plan all along.


I can’t tell what’s going on here, but I love the parts where he says “Everybody!” and there isn’t anybody.