A song for Donald Trump

I’m leaning towards the intent being irony – the final line is “the American press, they love him too.” Even in Poland, the justified contempt that the press has for Trump must be well-known.

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I liked it. Polish mockery of Donald Trump. Trump and Jump. They say he’s a hero, he’s just like Nero. What’s so hard to understand. Of course, I’ll make it clearer in Reagan/Thatcher terms for you:

The Clash


Is that Jeremy Corbyn? Dude’s got some sick moves, what?

I kept waiting for the hero/zero rhyme, but was disappoint. And actually I think Putin’s Puppet is less than zero, more of a large negative number. Will we be at war with North Korea next week? Check the infant in chief’s tweeddle feed to find out! Stay tuned!


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(?) A new day is trending(?) But I fear the ending(.?) l think this guy might be an old libtard.

It sounds like I got far more enjoyment out of reading all your posts than I ever would have gotten understanding what he was singing, so thanks for that! :grin:


The pièce de résistance had to be near the end, when he sang into his invisible microphone.

Are you…disappointed?


If he’s not mocking, at least these guys are, even if this guy is younger and gets winded quicker

mostly with myself for the length of time I watched it

I didn’t actually watch it past about four seconds before posting it, so confident was I of its continued awfulness and editorial aptness. Afterwards I listened to it for another second or so, then skipped ahead a couple of times, for a total of about 5.3 seconds listened to.


Nobody understands what Trump says.

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I was in a state of shock at the awfulness of it that it took me a bit longer to fast forward… well played.

A more appropriate song for old donny boy (not very subtle)…

Poe’s law is strong with this one. I am Polish and I am not really sure what to make out of it. On one hand this guy usually ponders to deeply catholic and right-wing part of the society. On the other hand… really… just look at it… my guess is that he does both on purpose. His usual audience will think that the song is catchy and cool, all the other people will be convinced that he is making fun out of Trump. Kind of genius actually :slight_smile:

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There is already a European song for Mr Trump:

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