Trumpsters seek out Rocket Man, only to be confused or enraged by a pro-refugee video


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That is a fabulous video. Thank you. (And optimistic hope that it might make even a couple of folk think.)


The comments are sadly repetitive. There isn’t even any creative ignorance.

66% of the comments are “Trump brought me here.”
30% of the comments are “Kim’s new theme song.”


Thinking! Who knew it could be so complicated!


I wonder if Elton John will issue a statement distancing his song from the most recent usage of the term ‘Rocket Man.’


I hadn’t seen that video. It makes a wonderful song even more moving and goes perfectly with Sir Elton John’s musical style. Thanks!

Also, as disgusting as it is that Alt-Reich trolls will colonize its comments, I enjoy the thought of them being inadvertently tricked into watching it by their Tangerine Führer.



Kim Jong-Un probably feels pretty good about being called Rocket Man. I think this is a swing and a miss by Trump.


I can only assume that none of these people know who Elton John is.


Wow. That was a beautiful video. I have tears in my eyes.


Yeah, that was quite something and new to me. Really upset me as well: mainly for the subject matter but partly for the disturbing lack of basic humanity in the comments for our brothers and sisters. Right click > block script. Fuck all you little trumpsters.


Lol wtf?!


What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! It’s Rocket Man, here to deliver the benighted of the decadent west from the scourge of Capitalism. Joined only by his sidekicks, Juche Lad, and Songun Lass, he fights a lonely fight against his nemesis, TRUMPALOR and the forces of darkness.

Has a certain ring to it, certainly. :wink:


Y’all have done it, made me watch! I wasn’t going to watch the OP video, because I guessed an official video would be 70s Elton John in concert. But it is quite good, and introduced meanings to the song I had not considered before.


That really is a beautiful video. I feel I know what it’s like to be a rocket man, an explorer. To the rocket men and women. What a funny corner of the multiverse we’ve ended up in. I for one feel it was/is worth it.


In a similar vein, I highly recommend this wordless graphic novel.


Y’all might like this similarly themed video for the song Sénégal Fast Food.

Its a collaboration between Amadou and Mariam, a blind couple from Mali and Manu Chao, a singer from France. The ending is not as upbeat as the song.


Elton John (like Billy Joel*) is one of those musicians I always want to hate, just from a music-snob point-of-view, except I can’t help singing along when I hear their music in the supermarket.

Maybe that’s the problem, I always hear their music when I’m buying deodorant and toilet paper.

*reminded me of this.


Yeah, yet another - I don’t think Il Douche cares, because it seems like he only ever plays to his base.

And to those moronic, craven lickspittles, he can’t miss. Where anyone with half a clue sees last year’s rotting halloween pumpkin doing this:

…those mindless dolts see this:


I am in awe of this video. It works on so many different levels. And the animation direction itself is incredibly synchronized to the music (eg, the descending chord when the protagonist sinks into the ocean, the splash of cymbal when he emerges above the waves). I haven’t seen a music video like this in a long while that is such a value-add to the music. There is a real story here. A new story. But one that doesn’t detract from the original author’s intent.

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