First official trailer for "Rocketman," musical film about Elton John

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so they are not bothering getting someone who can sing like Elton?


Seriously, there was nothing else they could’ve named it?

Also, it looks awful.

interesting. looks like there’s going to be an emphasis on the “fantasy” part. but i’m in it so far just for the great glammy elton fashion.


There aren’t many who can. Elton John has amazing vocal capabilities. I remember watching something on television 20-25 years ago and there were comments by various musicians about how difficult it was for them to sing many of his songs with the full range and inflection.


Not sure why they just don’t use a vocal double. It worked for Velvet Goldmine, and I don’t think the Freddie Mercury picture could possibly work without using his original vocals. Seems like the kind of thing that would be worth spending big bucks on the rights.

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I have to say, this looks far better that the Freddie Mercury trailer looked. We shall see.

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