Trump and Clinton sing "Time of my Life"


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Brilliant! Especially how Trump’s interruptions became the duet section at the end!


Somebody put these babies in the corner.


I was just laughing at how the duet section still has an obviously annoyed Hillary because it’s cut from the interruptions.


So sweet if it was true.


My day is complete; I kept humming that song through the whole debate after making an early joke about it (much to my wife’s annoyance, I’m sure).


I can’t wait until this is all behind us and Trump is just as friendly to Clinton as Bernie. Not!


The debate itself was painfully abysmal, but it’s a credit to our country that the traditional post-debate duet was civil and entertaining. Try topping that one Stanley Cup competitors!



You know, I really don’t like it when people claim that song is date-rapey…

But in this case, it’s appropriate.


That’s a very appropriate song for Trump to sing, given how rapey it is.

Another disturbing parallel: the male singer constantly interrupts the female singer while she’s trying to complete a thought.

ETA1: Damnit, @nimelennar, you beat me to it!



Deal with it. (“Hey what’s in this drink”?? Jesus.)


The guy who made that tried out “Up Where We Belong” before going with “Time Of My Life” which is also hilarious :


I enjoyed this much more than I should.


The difference between hockey and politics is that hockey players leave their animosity on the ice, rather than dragging it into nationally broadcast TV attack ads the way politicians do.


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