Watch Death Cab For Cutie's new anti-Trump video


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I don’t think we need a Death Cab song to defeat Trump - but we sure do need a Death Cab song.


i know it’s not their style, but i expected something much, MUCH angrier.


For a band called Death Cab, they’re surprisingly mellow.


Their style, as I’m sure you know, is crushing depression.That’s what will set in if trump somehow gets elected.


For the record: $1,000,000 in 1968 dollars is about $6,977,138 in today’s money.


Wouldn’t it be more important for an Anti-TPP song, instead of anti-Trump?
We need to get rid of the TPP deal, which is being masked by all of this BS show.
Clinton will win anyway…


I agree, but good luck getting many people at all to pay attention to much of anything beyond what we’re being told to pay attention to.



What the hell? Politics in music?!? Since when did that start? Kids these days…

(That’s a catchy little refrain – that could be my new earworm)


Okay, but a trifle on the nose for me.


subtlety is lost on a large percentage of people.


strong textSeems like a pro-Trump song and video to me, what new splendid, exotic things are on the other side of the wall?


They can do angry. Angry and bitter!


Alex Jones is getting to be mainstream in the republican party and is calling the President Obama and Hillary Clinton literally a demons due to flies?


Love this so much. He was a bastard in life, now he’s a bastard in death.


So thats all well and good that they are anti-Trump, but HRC is terrible too. Where’s her song? Why not offer solutions instead of tearing people/ideas down? The negative tone of politics and stuff like this is disgusting. Its only takes us further back and makes things worse.


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