Public Enemy releases new anti-Trump protest video

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Did not see it mentioned but the MP3 is a free download on their site.



My goodness, it was 32 years ago when “Nation of Millions” dropped and became the soundtrack to my 21st year. I’ve never been the same (the kids today might say I’m ‘woke’) and does my heart good to see that my contemporaries are still in the game. See you at the march! [<-- this is the polite version of the first reply I wrote]


Still waiting for “FDT Part 3”.

Thanks, I feel old now.


Love the line: “Nazi cult 45 gestapo”. Couldn’t describe the Trump cult any better.


Gestapo means ICE in this context?

Flavor Flav has it easy on this one.

In retrospect - I suppose that was always the case - Chuck D driving this one home too.


That, just as a written piece, is as powerful a piece of poetry as I’ve read in a very long time.


Correct; Flavor Flav has always just been PE’s hype-man.


The main problem with trump

Trump has had no prior political experience, went bankrupt 6 times and has many failed businesses, paid off a porn star to keep quiet, has over 24 harassment allegations, has had 2 articles of impeachment drafted against him, illegally contacted Ukraine to help him win re-election, has the most hours of golfing over any president, has done nothing to help our dying climate, botched the coronavirus response because he called it a hoax by the democrats instead of acting quicker, has never had an approval rating of over 45 percent, the whole Central Park 5 incident, thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax, told POC to go back to where they came from, throws meltdowns on Twitter, constantly retweets himself agreeing with himself, has had tweets flagged for misinformation, signed an executive bill regarding Twitter after his feelings got hurt, has increased our debt, hasn’t pulled out of any wars, adbandoned the Kurds, is really fat with a spray tan, has US pride at an all time low, has 10 cases of obstruction of justice per the mueller report, used George Floyd as an excuse to brag about job numbers, wanted to use violence against peaceful protestors, has done nothing to solve the wealth gap or poverty rate, has increased our debt, is fat and has an ugly spray tan, said he would date his own daughter, talked about fake treatments during a corona press conference, used to be an anti vaxxer, violated an official weather map with a fucking sharpie, all the shit in john Bolton’s book, said that cases would disappear if testing stopped, has a Vice President that can’t say “black lives matter” only “all lives matter”, falsely claimed there’s an AIDS vaccine, loves himself but has little empathy for others, is a complete asshole to reporters, made fun of someone disabled, the “grab by the pussy” thing, wanted to nuke a hurricane, thinks windmills cause cancer, has told over 19,000 false claims, talked more about him on a ramp than George Floyd, wants burning the flag to be a crime, called the coronavirus the kung flu, and has done nothing to help the average American

Total copy-pasta from reddit, but holycrap Trump is become the metaphorical anti-Christ.

I am now grateful to fate that he never got military experience. If he takes the election and gets to choose his successor the USA will be done. We need no Octavius into Octavian.


That one is probably a good thing.

Care to elaborate?

He’s currently playing it by the autocrat’s handbook: he makes sure that after him is chaos. On top of that he trusts nobody enough to support them in a consistent enough way to make him successor. He’s not so secretly dreaming of a third term, right?

Could mean the neo nazis who are some of his supporters.

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You’re probably right, in this context Gestapo probably just means Nazi, not secret police.


Chuck D. at his best is the best there is.
Flavor is actually a pretty gifted musician and had a lot to do with their beats and sound.

A new strong PE album would be yet another Trump dividend!

Again, focusing on the positive.


Chuck D when asked why Flavor Flav was in the group once said something to the effect of he’s the only one of them that has any musical talent.


Never heard that one before, but, especially considering the Bomb Squad, I’m immediately reminded of John Lennon’s statement that Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.


Funnily enough, John never actually said this, but it sure sounds like something he could have said. (And for all the shit Ringo gets, he’s actually a pretty good drummer - just not a flashy or virtuosic one.)

The Chuck D quote is, “He can play 15 instruments, I can’t play Lotto”, said to Rick Rubin. It’s unsourced so it could very well be just as fake as that Lennon quote - but it’s certainly a factual sentiment. Flav is way more musically inclined and talented than his oafish persona would lead us to believe.


Plenty of brilliant instrumentalists have been boneheads. Ted Nugent is a great rock guitarist and an absolute bell end, and he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

(As a musician I’d like to believe we’re above being oafs in general, but it’s just not the case)


I think Ringo is massively underappreciated for his drumming, which is actually excellent - particularly in combination with the rest of them.