Tiffany Trump's dreamy synthpop track is the best thing any Trump has ever done


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I don’t know if I would listen to her song a second time but I get the impression New Times doesn’t listen closely to electronica lyrics because their review is brutal and the lyrics aren’t actually terrible.

:thumbsup: on the BBS headline. Truest headline ever written.

Is this where I confess?

The best auto-tuning that money can buy.


That is funny! They do be shimmerin’…

(She hard)


Me either, but the bar is pretty low for “the best thing any Trump has ever done.”


Crawling through the liquid love

You gotta’ be fucking kidding me. Kid’s got spunk?



I knew a tRump could make something original, just needed more time to do it.


I checked her instygram and every pic is full of 3rd grade political discussion and rants.

Tune ain’t the worst in the world, but now it’s dredged up and judged on her dad’s doings. Can’t even be the lost daughter and have your own identity. People kind of just suck.


I actually feel bad for her. Yeah I know she’s set for life financially and that’s huuuuuuge. But that comes with its own problems. And then to have your asshole dad run for president is the icing on the custom made $15,000 cake.


That just made me sad. :frowning:
Still the best thing a Trump has done, though.


She looks like a normal person in the photo in this post. That is not how I would describe the person with the same name who spoke at the RNC today.


Not very synthpoppy, is that? Sounded to me more like GlaDOS at the Eurovision Contest (feat. The Black Eyed Peas).


I swear to God the first thing that came to mind was someone struggling to fight their way out of a tank filled with lube.


I shouldn’t be too critical of her lyrics. It’s pretty hard to piss off dad when he’s stated publicly that he wants to rail your sister.


Yeah, but that album art is terrible


@beschizza: upon clicking “show full post” I was shown this:

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Just curious: did Tiffany Trump pay boingboing to make a post promoting her song?

If so, then yes, I would like to report this ad.


I’m so confused.


“Report this ad” has been on every post since they fixed the missing “show full post” button, possibly earlier.


The most important question is “Does her dad want to fuck her?”


It’s a glitch in the summarizer/embedder. I think I just fixed it.