Trump: 'I like Taylor’s music about 25% less now,' after reporters tell him Taylor Swift supports Democrats


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It would be silly to think he even read her entire post; faced with that many words, he probably had to go lie down.




I’m sure Swift is just utterly heartbroken about it…



Only 25%? That’s hardly yuge.


So… Is this what they call Taylor Swift Boating?


“… but I’d still grab her by the #%€£$&!!”

  • Queen Hippolyte: like
  • Donna Troy: like
  • Lois Lane: like
  • Steve Trevor: unfriend


Taylor Swift, I’m sure:


Boycott of Taylor Swift called for in 3…2…1
Let the burning of the already bought and paid for CDs commence!


Well, most music is downloaded now (although, granted, not so much in Swift’s case), so they’ll probably be burning their laptops.

We can hope, right?


Frankly, I cannot imagine Trump listening to, or even understanding, music in the first place.


Children. Our country is being run by children.


But there’s stuff like Taylor Swift Christmas ornaments to burn. I mean, if one’s outrage was so great. :neutral_face:



I assume he found out through today’s Fox and Friends two minute hate.


Why? Who dat?


HOLIDAY ornaments.

I will also accept “X-mas decorations”


I’m 90% sure that anybody who purchased a T. Swift ornament would have screamed in your face that you’re at war with Christmas.

The good part is that now we won’t have to worry about them anymore. :wink: