Voter registration surges in the wake of Taylor Swift Instagram post


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Well, were the registrations Thugs or Democrats ?


I discussed this exact topic with my 15 yr old son this weekend. he asked why is it a big deal and would anyone even listen to Taylor Swift?

My reply was that political activism is always a big deal. And that yes, there will be those who are fans and perhaps wondered and will change their minds and take action because their fave artist/celeb is saying to do so.


She apparently has over 100 million followers on instagram; so clearly, somebody’s listening to her.

Again, I’m not a fan, but good on her.




I say since a celebrity reality TV star was elected POTUS then yes it is completely fair for celebrities to make endorsements.


It’s been a rough couple of months for Republican music fans. Here they spent all their money on the likes of Willie Nelson and Taylor Swift, only to discover that the longhaired, pot-smoking hippy, and the media-savvy young woman who watched their party utterly and absolutely dismiss the safety and humanity of women, don’t actually support the same things.

Kanye was far less of a shock. You don’t marry a Kardashian when you’re radically progressive.


Let’s just say I’m about 25% more likely to give some of Taylor Swift’s music a listen :wink:



A) Will do or say anything for attention and the acceptance of rich conservative White people.

B) Hasn’t been really relevant to the Black community in a cool minute, so he has no influence there.


I, for one, am very glad she’s come forward with this and that her call for voter registration has had such a positive effect.


The question I’d ask your son: “why would anyone listen to a failed businessman/reality show host?”


I just read an article on American Family Association’s website gloating about the religious right owning all 3 branches of government and that this is a golden opportunity for them to stomp out freedom and democracy once and for all.


True. Also, the “Party of Reagan” can shut up about Hollywood types having too much influence.


And don’t forget about this moment too


The Washington Post reports: ‘A betrayal beyond words’: The far right melts down over Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Democrats.

From the article: “This is more than likely from Democratic MK ultra forces from above,” m3Me_Magic wrote on The_Donald. “I highly doubt Swift decided to become political at the 11th hour all on her own.”

Really? “Democratic MK ultra forces from above”? I’m sure the Democrats have their share of spooks and spies, but attributing Taylor Swift’s political position to a covert mind control program is a bit much.


Wow. That is level of conspiracy theory stupid that just takes the breath away. Because no young woman could possibly come to a political decision on her own, she must be influenced by nefarious forces. When you think about it that way, though, it makes perfect sense. No female is capable of independent thought absent a male. That is Republican opinion about women in a nutshell.


I had a 70 yr old woman TS Superfan handyperson demo a bathroom for me two years ago. A real Rosie the Riveter type. She was a TS fanatic. Wore TS swag every day. A TS Fan Club member with benefits, the whole nine yards. This was right before the election. Everything was cool until she started talking trump more than I was comfortable with. I let her go after one particular rant against Hillary. She didn’t really have the hang of drywall anyway and the room was nearly finished. Good riddance.

I was wondering how she was taking the news. Not well I suspect.

Too bad.


I cannot point to a single Taylor Swift song… I think I saw a video where she and a bunch of super models strut around in sexy getups and automatic weapons? But I do know she has spoken out about some tech issues with surprising intelligence and nuance (I prolly read said missives here on BB?)

Who could watch that sham confirmation and ‘investigation’ and not be motivated to oppose these thugs? Disgusting. Good on ya young lady. Now get em to actually show up and VOTE.

Most effective ad I’ve seen in YEARS. mb decades. mb ever.


As to Swift worrying about losing conservative fan base, I suppose she’ll just shake it off…