42% of believers in conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is a covert Biden op found out about it from the pollster asking them

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/15/42-of-those-who-believe-conspiracy-theory-that-taylor-swift-is-a-covert-biden-operative-found-out-about-it-from-the-pollster-asking-them.html


Yeah, but those sheeple obvious missed the REAL conspiracy, which was Beyonce culturally appropriating country music… WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! /s

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She’s just ripping off lil nas X :smiley:



The power of suggestion is strong for people who have limited or no critical thinking skills.

Recall how Barack Obama was responsible for 9/11. I can’t find the link, but I recall there also was a Faux News poll that added Obama’s name to the list of names from which to choose.


Puh-LEASE!!! Lil Nas X WISHES he could be as big in the New World Order as the Queen Bey!!! /s

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Survey question #7: Did you know that anyone unaware that trump is an fascist grifter is a weak minded simpleton?


I remember the good old days when a loony with a fringe insane theory couldn’t immediately get worldwide attention for it.

The internet has done so much good but I have to think it’s done more bad.


I mean, he is trying. And he is young. I think the “gots whats it takes” to at least be a Dark Cardinal in the NWO.

Before all of this with either Travis Kelce and the GOP mind mush conspiracies, I was a 6 on the 1-10 scale of liking Taylor Swift. I like several of her songs on the radio; I am a sucker for a catchy pop song. But wasn’t really emotionally invested.

Now, I am 100% on her side. I love calling people old, boring cry babies when they show <30 secs of her during a 3 hour game where 80% of the time NOTHING is happening. AND most of the time they show her, she is actively cheering and having fun - which is different than most of the time when they show celebrities just sitting in a box seat, looking bored.

My GF, for some reason, got really invested in the drama, and went through and listened to her whole catalog and came away a really big fan.


Seems like an opinion poll is a good way to give a whackadoodle conspiracy a ‘legit’ platform to spread.

On Xitter there’s constant polls from Right-leaning “research firms” that go something like this “Trudeau has opened the floodgates to criminals immigrating to Canada. How do you feel about this?”

The questions and premises are all aimed to plant seeds and deliver the results you are looking for. Even a once respectable pollster, Angus Reid, dude’s gone off the deep-state end. The crap he posts on Xitter indicate his polls are absolute trash and can’t be trusted.

The only poll I believe in is 10 feet long and not used for touching.


The average NFL game has about 11 minutes of play time, according to an article from 2019. They actually could spend MUCH more time with Taylor.


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well I learned a new word today


The term for that is “push poll”.


Monmouth, “But, we’re just asking questions…” I wonder who funds Monmouth?


Quick Poll: How many people when polled about something they’ve never heard of will just pick an answer randomly rather than admit they don’t know?


Perhaps we need to update Lizardman’s Constant.


“Have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that…”
“Well, I have now.

Huh, I had never considered the role that “polls” could play in spreading conspiracy theories… I wonder how many people heard it for the first time when questioned, and immediately thought, “yeah, that sounds plausible…”


The worst thing about 99% of all surveys is that they never give a “don’t know” or “not applicable” response option. You HAVE to choose something (even if randomly) or not do the survey.
(I stop doing a lot of surveys about half-way through.)


BART: A conspiracy, eh? You think they’re involved in the Kennedy assassination?

HOMER: I do now.


[prediction from “Homer the Great”, 1995]


You know, I was just thinking this the other day. One reason I never have or go to Super Bowl parties is that I know that most people just don’t really care and will be talking about anything else the whole time, while I try not to be rude and turn the volume up to drown them out. Every time they show Taylor she is very engaged in the game, even when it’s not a particularly important play. Of course, she has a vested interest and it’s almost always around a big offensive play that they show her, but still… better than most casual fans by a mile.

I saw this as well and have no idea what it means. I mean, yeah I guess it’s possible that the actual time the players are physically moving is on the lower end, but that hardly encompasses all of “football”. The coin tosses, the officiating deliberations and formation shifts are just as important and interesting as the actual time of “play”.

Nah, it’s still not even close. (ETA: I think I may have misread your intent here; I originally thought you were saying they show her more than actual play time)

Also, it doesn’t really matter. One thing that’s right about this take is that there’s a lot of cruft in an NFL broadcast; cutaways to team owners, retired players, very weird animated graphics (looking at you, Fox) and of course commercials. It’s popular to blame this on the commercialization of football, but during those cutaways there is a lot happening like communications with officials and play scheming, personnel changes and so on. Also, the players are absolutely gassed. You see them on the sidelines sweating profusely and sucking down oxygen like they were underwater for the last ten minutes. An actual playtime of 1 hour would be impossible, both for the functioning of the game and the physical stamina of the players. A huge reason time of possession is so important to a game is that keeping a defense on the field for long stretches absolutely destroys their efficacy.