Leonardo DiCaprio bows out of Jobs biopic




Maybe he would have stayed on the role if there was a scene where he stuck a candle up his butt


The guy who is made for role of Steve Jobs, at least by looks - no makeup needed - is Michiel Huisman from Treme’ and Game of Thrones.


Why on Earth do we need a second Jobs biopic? And so soon?

I had to double-check the date to make sure I wasn’t reading a story from a two or three years ago.


Because the pie chart says so.


Comic book heroes are re-booted every few years. That’s how it works.


This one needs to cover the development of the iWatch :wink:



Jason Alexander with a rug.


He’s also in Orphan Black, which brings me to an option I don’t think anyone has considered. Tatiana Maslany. Let’s think outside the box, people!


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