Watch the first trailer for new Steve Jobs biopic

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It’s amazing to think that I used to like The West Wing, considering how physically unbearable I now find it to watch anything Aaron Sorkin has been involved with.

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Wow. This looks awful.

I felt the same way about finishing The Newsroom, he has a good narrative but he brings out the gravitas and passion in nearly every scene from his actors and the story, but the gravitas is bullshit especially when reflecting the 'everybody poops’ness of even their most important real world parallels. Everything in that world, even editing wikipedia, is not breathlessly important to everyone involved all of the time. I did finish up The Newsroom because I have to see the endgame of an interesting fictional universe I have started, even with the exhausting to watch acting.
Just because I can’t write or direct like Sorkin doesn’t mean I can’t measure my own response.

How phony this looks. The more you know about something, the more you realize how fake and misleading the movies are that are based on that thing. The sad thing is that the viewers who don’t know anything about it will sit there and absorb it and consider themselves well-informed on the subject. Read Woz’s book!


I want a Woz centered geek comedy adventure film, Seth Rogan would still be cool as Wozniak, but as little of Jobs as possible, make him the Bill Lumbergh of the story.


Wasn’t this movie cancelled? Or was there actually a possibility of three different Jobs movies at one point?

The thing is, without Jobs, you would have never heard of Woz, unless you’d been a member of the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club and remembered that one guy who brought in that computer that one time that looked pretty nifty, but he didn’t have anyone to help him develop it into something that he could sell, what was his name?


I’m tired of hearing about Steve Jobs. All this hero worship was played up ad nauseam while he was alive, and now he’s dead it’s gone to ridiculous heights. Yes he’s got his place in history, but how many times can we go through this narrative and learn anything new from it?

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I imagine over the next 20 - 30 years everyone’ll have a crack at it.
Expect the TV series soon.

Surprised by all the negative responses.

This looks like the anti legacy maturation that the other Jobs biopics didn’t do well. It’s like The Social Network pt. 2


As an entrepreneurial consultant I count you as real world correct, but maybe a movie of Woz finding a an alien artifact that lets him build a starship out of an old carnival ride and a stop sign for him and his friends. I could imagine having fun hanging out with Wozniak or even Rogan, I don’t have much fun hanging out with the religious crusade grade life value hard driven buisness geeks.

alls i can say is that i think andy hertzfeld plays himself in this movie. which is awesome.

Did you watch the trailer? It looks to be a somewhat accurate portrayal of what an asshole Jobs really was, despite all his successes. At least, much of the assholery (being a complete dick as a boss, pretending that his first child wasn’t his, etc) that I’m aware of looks to be represented there.

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Directed by Danny Boyle

Yeah, for that…the guy could have cured cancer and I’d still consider him a first class arsehole.

Heard lots of stories about the lengths they went for this while filming in San Francisco. Requiring the extras in Symphony hall to have long sideburns for instance. One of the biggest budget films in SF in recent history, has to be better than San Andreas.

What is it about Steve Wozniak that makes me think that if I ever meet him, I’ll ask for a hug over an autograph? The guy just comes across as good people.

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