Les gilets noirs: a French protest movement defending migrants' rights

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/10/27/pas-de-scapegoats.html


A new French movement, les gilet noirs (the black vests), makes racial justice the center of its protests, arguing for the rights of migrants, especially African migrants, who have long struggled with discrimination in France.

Roger That! Vive la France!


The gilets jaunes/yellow vests protest movement mobilized in France over a slate of grievances, led by President Macron’s plan to meet emissions targets by punishing poor and a rural people, while dealing out massive favors to the country’s wealthy elites. As the movement spread around the world, it took on different characters: sometimes lefty, sometimes right-wing, sometimes explicitly racist.

In the current situation that sees the left seriously weakened and marginalised after 40 years of the neoliberal “default” in the West, we have to always be aware that any new populist movement dominated by white people has a stronger possibility of leaning toward the nativist, racist and xenophobic right.


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