#UnitedWeRoll Is About White Supremacy, Stupid

Canada’s Yellow Vests are a particular stupid brand of racist. They just can’t seem to keep their asses covered. Literally every single member of this conspiracy of dunces is openly white supremacist and somehow getting a free pass from Canadian media institutions, as well as open endorsements from the infamous Doug Ford and his Albertan (aspiring) counterpart Jason Kenney.

I wrote this piece earlier. It’s a good primer.


(CW: racism)

Sault Ste. Marie Yellow Vests organizer Dave Selvers calls immigration minister Ahmed Hussen an “ugly n***** . . . responsible for flooding Canada with useless n***** muslim terrorists.”



This video is also a good spotter’s guide (minor correction in the YouTube comments):


They jettison people as they’re exposed.


It’s about as believable as the Alt-Right people switching to Alt-Lite after Charlottesville.

“There are racist elements within the movement. It is reflective of Canada as a whole and has some bad apples,” said Mark Friesen, an administrator for Yellow Vests Canada’s Facebook page, which has more than 110,000 members.

Friesen, who arrived in Ottawa Tuesday morning as part of the convoy, told HuffPost Canada he tries to keep the online community focused on the group’s mission to educate Canadians about the need to quell immigration, not sign the United Nations’ migration pact, and stop carbon taxes and a sustainable development agenda, but “you can’t control all of it.”

Right, never mind the racist bad apples and concentrate on our racist immigration ideas…


Their own organizers are openly anti-semitic, racists, from Marc “Tyler” Malenfant - who admins the Yellow Vests Canada facebook group and created the convoy - to Carl Fleury.

Anyone who believes it was just about a pipeline is a willful dolt.

It is amazing that even with right wing media whitewashing it they can’t help but show their racism.

Going live tomorrow with a followup tentatively titled: “Yellow Vests and #UnitedWeRoll Were Always Racist”


The leader of a convoy that converged on Parliament Hill this week is shrugging off suggestions members of his own convoy felt they were “misled” about money and that poor planning put the safety of “women and children” at risk, dismissing the criticisms as nothing more than “sour grapes.”

“We’re not babysitters,” Glen Carritt told PressProgress . “This was a successful story for Canada.”

Carritt, a small town business owner and town councillor in Innisfail, Alberta, is the lead organizer of the “United We Roll” convoy to Ottawa and presented himself as its public face during numerous media appearances in recent weeks.

But following concerns over safety within the convoy and complaints Carritt has been slow to disburse money raised in support of the trans-Canada odyssey, some convoy participants say they now feel hoodwinked.



Always rely on fascists to coopt leftist or popular language and symbolism.

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