Facing unpaid overtime, cuts and austerity, French cops threaten to join Gilets Jaunes protesters


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Mercenaries gonna mercenary, I guess.


Lose the cops and the soldiers and it’s game over for the aristocrats of austerity.


2018 is certainly doing its best to go out with a bang in a big way, between Hungarian protests against the ‘slave labor’ law, these gilets jaunes protests in France, and so much drama on the Washington front…


I think we need us some Gilets Jaunes on this side of the pond, too!


I normally work near the payroll departments of major companies.

Every single one of them has understood the concept of “I work, you pay me. You don’t pay me, I don’t work.”

I cannot comprehend why anyone would think that stiffing cops or any employees for overtime is a good idea, that’s how you get labor really, really mad at you and that always works out so well for every employer that tries it…


I recall a similar scene in Walkaway.


Don’t f u c k with the French, let that be a lesson to you Macron. Vive la France!


The aristocrats of austerity.on this side of the pond know that they can’t piss off the police or firemen, otherwise they have no protection.


Excuse me, but you are assuming that aristocrats have a modicum of intelligence. They do not.


Pay your police and army on time, its like 101 Dictatorship.

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