Boston cops clocked 9,000 hours of overtime at the "Straight Pride" parade — and none of it with body cams

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We are seeing the rise of both the police backed Brownshirts and the Evangelical American Taliban. By the time the supporters of these groups realize what a mistake it was to nurture them it will be too late.


This is what I was most afraid of. Boston cops are notoriously corrupt and ultra-right-wing fascists, and peaceful protesters were beaten and arrested while the Proud Boys laughed.


wait, you can get overtime for attending a parade for a cause that you care about…where is my check for the women’s parade…something something Soros, something,…



In related news, City Councilor and professional chumsnack Tim McCarthy is trying to get legislation passed that would ban masks at “large protests where there is a possibility of violence or unruly demonstrations.”

He’s got his underwear twisted about antifa and is unconcerned about the ridiculous overtime expenditures or the unused body cams. Way to go Tim, attack the issues that matter.


So the racket here is: a handful of fascists show up to protest; sympathetic cops get to build up overtime protecting the fascists and harassing the larger group of counter-protesters; and the Libertarians suddenly go as silent about wasted taxpayer dollars (see also Libertarians on police unions vs. other unions).

And you know which other group of fascist street marchers got preferential treatment from the cops…?


No (Bodycam) Footage :: No (Overtime) Pay


Let’s go one step further. Cops only paid for the time during their shift that the bodycam is on. No footage? You weren’t on duty and thus were ineligible for pay for those minutes/hours.


The goddamn Elks Club, that’s who.


Tim McCarthy is trying to get legislation passed that would ban masks at “large protests where there is a possibility of violence or unruly demonstrations.”

He also said the quiet part out loud at a campaign rally: “We ran against women. We ran against minorities. We ran against people who have a name that’s been out there 40 years, that was endorsed by all the nonsense people who don’t have the boots on the ground like we do.”

Yikes, dude.


Police overtime is a racket in Massachusetts and has been for a long time. Even patrol officers routinely clear 6 figures. Most of this loot is racked up standing around staring at their phones next to road construction, or standing outside nightclubs like Middle East and for the most part, doing nothing.

Many years ago my friends put on a small festival in Union Sq in Somerville, and the single largest expense was the mandatory police detail, more than the special event liquor license even.


On a side note “Straight Pride” has to be one of the most closeted gay things I have ever heard of.

“Look at me, I am really straight and proud of it. Honestly!”’s_Law


FYP :sunglasses:


State Police apparently modeling the behavior:


Wait, what? I didn’t know the Elks Club still existed, and they’re fascists, now?

They run a good fish fry tho… Got to give that to they royal order of water buffaloes … I mean Elks!

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