Let’s take a moment to appreciate Dr. Jean Feldman’s Banana Dance

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Kick out the jams!


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This is incredibly charming. Never realized this was actual kinesthetic learning stuff. The first time I ever saw any reference to this was on the hipster-parent-catnip YouTube channel, Scratch Garden. (I was not previously familiar with the original.)


The only banana dance I will acknowledge:




This might be a (very) minor annoyance, but what is up with embedding videos linked to some completely random timestamp in them? I come across this a lot here on BB for some reason.

Great video though!

Sure. it’s fine to watch stuff like this as an adult and marvel at the awfulness of it.

But do you seriously not remember how awful it was to have stuff like that force-fed to you as a child? It’s inconceivable that any child would choose to watch this. Frankly, it makes me angry that adults should think that this is what children want to watch.

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really made us work for that one.
here it is cued up:

the poster doesn’t usually realize they’re doing it. [for NewPipe users] if you click share on a video in progress, it links to the current time, not the beginning. but I think in this case maybe they wanted to highlight the guacamole segment? she mentions that it specifically was a meme. but why put banana dance in the headline?
it is mystery :ghost:

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Not on my system, just tested it.

I was wondering after I posted. I only use NewPipe for youtube, it’s a feature of it, but they don’t tell you about it, it just does it by default. I’m convinced some regular contributers use NewPipe and haven’t noticed yet.

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I might be old school here, but I just … copy the URL? From the URL bar in the browser? I don’t think the YouTube app on my (Android) phone shares anything except the full video link unless I ask it to either though.

I used to do that, but NewPipe is an app so the url isn’t just up in an address bar. you can get it but it’s an extra click or two. but no ads, able to keep videos playing in a box whatever size I want while switching not only to another browser tab but to any other app, desktop, whatever, and with skip +/- 10sec in said box (disabled in regular youtube embeds) means I don’t use youtube.com anymore.

Of course the original queen of the banana dance is still Josephine Baker.



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