Let the great Brian Wilson make all of this feel better for a moment

Brian being a life-long thalasophobe I can imagine that being rough for him to film. (But it is still a charming little sketch.)

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Around the 2:20 mark I get a strong vibe of “Why the fuck did I agree to do this?!? Must fire agent.”

And But it’s probably the inception point for Blues Brothers, so there is that.

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Sound Opinions did an album dissection on Pet Sounds recently, in case anyone is interested in hearing it:


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You had me at “Pet Sounds”. Even though I’ve watched countless documentaries and hot takes on the album, and listened to several hours worth of session material from Pet Sounds Sessions and numerous Sea of Tunes bootlegs compiled from material stolen from the Capitol vaults I am always willing to consume more media about my one of my all-time favorite album albums.

This didn’t disappoint – a great listen, and this a podcast I see myself wanting to hear more of in the future.

There’s also a great YouTube series called “Behind the Sounds” that was compiled several years back by a mystery YouTuber. It has little mini-docs on nearly the entire album. The episodes are all very well done with a mix of trivia, archival photos, and rarely heard outtakes.


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