Let the great Brian Wilson make all of this feel better for a moment

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Brian Wilson was a dad at my daughter’s high school and when I was in the same classroom as him at a back-to-school night my brain was just 100% static


Brian- than you. This is bringing tears to my eyes and so much happiness right now. That was beautiful :heart::heart::heart:

I’m a millennial but I still love the Beach Boys


Here’s Anthony Hopkins playing for his cat.


That was really beautiful too, his playing was wonderful.

Wonder what that tune was, sad but beautiful


I’m a huge fan of The Beach Boys and of course Brian Wilson. It was great to see him here looking healthy, comfortable, and sounding great (or at least as great as a notoriously hard-lived 77 year old can be expected to sound).

I saw Brian Wilson in concert last September and he was clearly not having a good night. (This is kind of the gamble you take when you go to a Brian Wilson show these days; when he’s “on”, he engages the crowd and puts on a great show, but when he’s “off”, it’s … uncomfortable to watch.) It was great to see him here in high spirits.

Thank you for posting this.


This is what the title brought to mind:

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There was definitely a missed opportunity here for a full performance of “In My Room” (not just a few notes):

And as far as social distancing goes, Brian was an innovator in this having spent the middle part of the 1970s holed up in his bedroom.


Someone online has suggested Chopin nocturne no 1 in b flat minor, but I don’t know enough to know [title of my sex tape].

I do know it’s the saddest of all keys.


This could be beautiful. A collection of video selfies from home: “I’M BRIAN WILSON” - like Spartacus meets Network. You have to be in pajamas.


Some Beach Boys songs make great hand washing posters.

I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times definitely works better with gel:


Wilson spent a great deal of the two years following his father’s death in June 1973 secluded in the chauffeur’s quarters of his home, sleeping, abusing alcohol, taking drugs (including heroin), overeating, and exhibiting self-destructive behaviour. He attempted to drive his vehicle off a cliff, and at another time, demanded that he would be pushed into and buried in a grave that he had dug in his backyard. During this period, his voice deteriorated significantly as a result of his mass consumption of cocaine and incessant chain smoking.


I realize I was making light of a pretty dark time in his life and I apologize if this offended anybody.

In all seriousness, given his past history of extreme substance abuse and self-destructive tendencies, it’s truly amazing he is still alive. (And thank goodness for that.) As terrible of a person that quack Eugene Landy was, if it wasn’t for his initial involvement, I am not sure that Brian would still be here today. To overcome the hardships he has to get where he is today is something I really admire.


He’a alive and looks better than Kieth Richards.


In truth, most Egyptian Mummies look better than Keith Richards.


If Richards gets sick from the coronavirus I’m officially losing it.

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I saw him in September too and he was “off”. This was in Seattle. It was essentially a show by the Brian Wilson Band, and Brian Wilson was also on stage as an added bonus. It must be said though that even then it was a great show - he has a great band.

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Hey, I was at that show too!

He does indeed have one of the best touring bands in the business with some incredible musicians. Beach Boy alums Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin also did a great job picking up the slack. I felt like he started off strong with California Girls and I Get Around, and then something changed after that – he got much less engaged, was missing cues, and in general seemed very physically and mentally uncomfortable. This lasted much of the set. He seemed to flip back on with Heroes and Villains and Good Vibrations and then got a break with guest performers and Al Jardine doing songs, until he closed with Love and Mercy – which was ragged but heartfelt.

2019 was a rough year for him – he had to postpone part of his tour because he was having mental problems, and had multiple back surgeries (which I would imagine would be extra-difficult to contend with given his history of substance abuse). In some shows he had a pretty nasty cold.

I feel like I’m making excuses here, and in some ways I am. It’s such a treasure to be able to see him perform, but at times he just looks miserable while on stage. In any event, I’m glad I went and would go to see him again just to see one of my idols perform, but with very clear expectations in mind.

(I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theory that he’s being forced to perform that some have put forward. He’s wealthy and doesn’t need to tour, and the people in his band are top notch musicians that could get gigs anywhere. I think he tours because he wants to – both for the fans and himself, even if he doesn’t indicate it with his stage presence. Someone once described it to me as him just not being the kind of guy that feeds off of the audience like others do.)

ETA: That show was worth it alone for being able to see The Zombies open, and power through a complete and near studio perfect rendition of Odyssey and Oracle. They were absolutely incredible.

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Well, it was high time he finally got out of bed, but…
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