Let this AI color your line art


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Wait, so we won’t even color any more? In the utopia of our Transistorized Overlords, we must even hand over our crayons?


And I thought my BFA was already trash.


Have comic book colorists already been replaced by software, or is this the final nail in that coffin?




If anything, comic book inkers have been replaced by it and the colorists are thriving. It’s not that the software is doing the inking – it’s just obviated a role defined by a printing process and now getting absorbed into other roles’ digital workflow (or simply skipped)


That makes a lot of sense. I imagine that getting art camera-ready is a different process these days than it was 30 years ago. There’s probably no camera, for one thing.


From the ToS:

“The User shall agree to grant a non-exclusive license to use Submitted Contents on a domestic or overseas basis to the Company free of charge in order to provide, advertise and enhance the Service and the Contents (including the right to make modifications to the extent that the Company deems necessary and appropriate). The scope of the permission does not include the right to transfer Submitted Contents to a third party but includes the right to publish Submitted Contents themselves or through third parties and the right to extract features from Submitted Contents.”

[dubious Fry meme]


Shut up, I’m keeping my money.


I interviewed the creator of PaintChainer Daisuke Okanohara for my podcast Disrupting Japan.

That episode wont be out for a few weeks, but PaintChainer was developed as a kind of proof-of-concept for Chainer, their open source AI and distributed deep learning library.

Everyone thought it was cool, so they made it widely available, but its not intended to be a real product or business.

There is a lot of cool stuff happening in Japan right now.


Who else thinks that Rob should swap his current profile picture for the little pirate he sketched?


No thanks; I’ll do it myself.


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