Let “Trash Bird” teach you how to be happy


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And I just completed reading this cartoon.

Racking that baby up and satisfied. Time to kick back and relax. #earnedit


It’s kind of silly sounding advice but I think it’s helping me. I started making a list of the things I did in a day and how hard they were for me to do that day. I’ve always felt terrible about not doing anything with my evenings. It turns out I do a lot. I just get in a depression/anxiety funk where I want to beat myself up about stuff.

Even on days where I’m at my worst, I still get quite a bit done … and it’s weighted by how much difficulty I had.


I think it’s very easy for people to dismiss simple optimism and motivation over small things. Definitely take enjoyment in small things that bring you joy, it will keep you sane.



NO. BAD. Go to your room ]:


Stoicism then, basically.


This guy probably rode his high all day.


This guy probably rode his high for the 3 minutes he had left before passing out.


No thanks, already have the answer.


Seriously, that guy must be a pro soccer player or something.


Works for me.
Put pants on today. #win #fuckyeah

And joking aside, it actually does help me to count the minor everyday victories. :smiley_cat:


key to happiness

low expectations

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