Let's deconstruct Nixon's "Resignation Lunch," shall we?

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I say we all chip in and get 45 the extra-large sized bucket from KFC for whenever his last WH meal rolls around. He shouldn’t have to settle for one of those $5 box meals. He deserves the heart-attack sized bucket of fried goodness! The food in the final picture should, of course, be yuuuuuge! It’s the least we as citizens can do for our amorphous orange shit-stain.


{Slams fist, causing milk to spill}

“Damnit, I want a gold tray! How can you fucking mess that up? You’re F. . .”

“Mister Trump?”


“Fuck. You.”


No, he deserves cottage cheese and pineapple and milk.


Nixon had high blood pressure and was on a severely restricted diet. He talked a lot later in his life about the food he would rather be eating.

Not sure how the booze fits in to all that, but I guess if ever there was a day to stick to your anti-hypertension diet, it’s the day you resign the presidency.


People called him intolerant but he was clearly fine with lactose.


But where’s the ketchup?

(Nixon always put ketchup on his cottage cheese.)

(No, really.)


Um… Why?

Presumably, Hitler’s dinner service followed the established patterns of the day, substituting Nazi symbolism for where a more respectable motif would go. Without the Reichsadler or the Swastika, what do you have? Just ordinary porcelain.

The seal of the President of the United States is what you’d expect to see on white house china. It’s positively staid next to Nixon’s palace guard.


Well, for one thing, that’s what photographers do. Sounds trivial, but there you are. You see something, you take a picture. Quite often of stuff that no one who isn’t a photographer would take a picture of. I guess it’s a mixture of reflex and trained eye. Sure, a lot of it turns out to be crap, but every once in a while you strike gold.
And in a setting like the White House, you’ll rarely know in advance whether the next day will be “same old, same old” or “historic event”; sometimes that distinction will be made much, much later. So better take a few pictures more, just in case.

This is an excellent idea. Not just for El Presidente.


I remember reading somewhere that Nixon had this same lunch every single day.

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I am sure the BoingBoing imagineers can come up with something really special for the Happy Meal toy…

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The photo is historically inaccurate:

So, something just occurred to me about Drumpf and KFC.
He eats it with a knife and fork.

I thought this was his resignation lunch:


Lots of adults still drink milk. Just not as many as there used to be. No reason not to, unless you’re lactose intolerant. And it’s great with cookies or brownies.


Yes, but when you’re a “cultural critic” “deconstructing” a scoop of cottage cheese on a pineapple ring, you’ll need all the smug-derision points you can score, so a passing sneer at milk-drinking adults is just the ticket. (-:

Manly men put whisky on their cornflakes, as any “cultural critic” will undoubtedly tell you (if you’re paying decent word rates, anyway). (-:

A bucket of something at least.

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“I’m not a cook!”

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