Nixon's resignation letter




Also on this day, 25 years ago, Wayne Gretzky was traded to the LA Kings.


But he’ll be back…


How the hell do you deliver a letter addressed to “The Honorable Henry A. Kissinger”? Is there a different guy that I don’t know about?


Nixon liked him… you know, despite him being Jewish. The war criminal nature of Kissinger just made him all the more attractive to a guy like Nixon.

Also, I tried for like 2 seconds to find a Dr. Killinger gif from Venture Brothers, but you’ll just have to live with the Nixon one from Futurama above…


I wasn’t worried about Nixon; but trying to imagine a poor mailman or executive branch intern flunky wandering around, scratching his head, and looking for somebody fitting that description.


Sadly, I think a fair number of people don’t see Kissinger as a war criminal, but as a pragmatic diplomat who almost single handedly created detente and reapproachment, and eventually did wind down Vietnam. I disagree, but he still has enormous cache in many circles.


I happen to be reading Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail and am only ninety pages in… a spoiler warning would have been nice!


I have been using his resignation letter for years… whenever I quit a job (and have accepted another position), I print out a copy of his and use a red or blue pen to cross out his info and add in mine.


Coincidentally, President Obama is going to give a speech about the NSA surveillance today. I wondered if it’s possible that this scandal could bring him down.

It reminded me of Pres. Nixon claiming he was not a criminal and that image of him giving the peace sign to the cameras as he climbed into a helicopter.


Obama is done. He can make it easier on himself and everyone else if he would resign. I think impeachment proceedings can start.


For all of his cynical willingness to do anythign to obtain and retain power, Nixon’s actual policies while in power make me miss him. And I was born after he died.


I’ve always thought it was weird that Jerry Garcia died on the same day 21 years later.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg… it turns out lots of things have happened on August 9!



Well played.

I always pictured some older Deadheads celebrating Nixon’s resignation on that day every year, but then having a weird cognitive dissonance/ zen moment on that day in 1995.


It’s like over 0.27% of all things have happened on August 9. Mind = blown!
(Except back when there wasn’t an August, of course.)


So wait… if Augustus Caesar hadn’t defeated Antony at Actium, then there never would have been a month called “August,” and Nixon never would have resigned and Jerry would still be alive! WHOA!!!


Especially neat-o about Nixon and lesser too Gretzk cause he fouled on Gilmour during the Leafs run for the cup. But whatever. Oh right, especially August 9 1974 was a friday like today is. But you know, the referees that night in game 6 were on L.A.'s side during the Campbell conference.


There is a Chinese character printed on the page with a time noted. Strange.


And yet for all the hate, he was more progressive and authorized less domestic surveillance than Obama.