Hot mic/camera footage of Nixon joking around moments before resigning

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That’s… bizarre. From what I have read he was not exactly the picture of stable emotional health at that point, but I guess acting like this around strangers was so ingrained that his actual mental state made no difference. Which is maybe a little creepy.

Still, it really stands out how much smarter, more convincing, morally better and less guilty of crimes he was at this point than Turmp on the day he was inaugurated.


it has become evident to me that I no longer have a strong enough political base in the Congress to justify continuing that effort."

Would that it could be that simple to rid the USA of the tRump Criminal Org.


Nixon was always a bizarre guy, a paranoid and bitter weirdo who somehow managed to make his way in politics despite being completely unlikeable.


Gallows humor is more common than it might occur to people.

It doesn’t always mean people aren’t having profound feelings, or that they’re not serious about other things they say.

It doesn’t look like super relaxed fun-times.


Relative to the current standard, he looks like a charming, fuckable mensch here.


He may just have been letting out some of the relief he probably felt at that point, having made the decision.


A more innocent time, to be sure.

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All I remember was tv being interruoted to show him wave to the cameras and then turn and go into the helicopter as he left office.

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Yep. He talked to those “who have not felt able to support me” and said that he felt “no bitterness” because the entire dispute was about “the good of the country, however our judgments might differ.” Those aren’t even thoughts that would occur to Trump.

We have in the Oval Office not just the most morally bankrupt and venal person ever to sit there, but one of the most singularly awful Americans who hasn’t (yet) been convicted of a crime. The willingness of the supine Republicans in Congress to do whatever it takes to keep him in office is an ongoing stain on the country.


When Nixon at the end of the road looks like a reasonable choice, you know things are fucked.


It’s not Nixon that looks like the reasonable choice. It’s the end of the road. He was at the end of the road, and he stopped the car.

With Trump, there is no end of the road. He’ll happily follow Buzz Gunderson off that cliff.

I don’t foresee him leaving office other than in a coffin.


Harry Shearer re-enacted this, along with several conversations from the Nixon tapes, a few years back:

(There was a Nixon-in-Heaven tape, regarding current events, on Sunday’s Le Show)

Yeah, I find Nixon way more likable and charming and relatable then Trump.

Mind you this is being judged on a scale.

I admit I would like Trump quite a bit more if he was also giving a resignation speech.


Yeah, he looked nervous as hell.

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2:28… …

It’s important to realize that Nixon resigned primarily because, learning of the loss of GOP holdouts, he recognized he’d be convicted in the Senate and thus lose his substantial pension. He was not a wealthy man & by resigning he’d salvage that. It was an economic calculation without any admission of guilt or even wrongdoing, much as Agnew’s resignation was too.

That particular motivation won’t apply to the current crook.

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