Putin offers Comey asylum in Moscow

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The offer, made with Putin’s trademark sardonic humor

Kinds of Russian humor:

  1. Sardonic
  2. Black
  3. Gallows

I was sure this was going to be an Onion headline. Nope.


Obviously everything Putin says regarding US politics is just him throwing more fuel on the fire, trying to confuse or muddy the debate. He’s no idiot, but he knows a lot of Americans are idiots.


Comey would still be employable

He knows a lot of Americans can be useful idiots…


Master trolling by the master elf troll, there.

Though, I don’t think I’ve seen a suggestion that Comey’s in any trouble, unless Putin’s hand-puppet in the White House has tweeted something recently.


You missed self-deprecatory, which they share with the English.

The idea that Russians are universally miserable has some grounding in fact but, AFAIK was promoted by the US during the Cold War as evidence of how awful life was under Communism.

I know someone who spent years spying on the Soviet Union, and he has a mine of Russian jokes that he picked up while doing so. Most of them don’t fit into any of your categories.


That schmuck is enjoying all this way too much.


“Hey, Krushchev, remember you said we would attend their funeral? They’re just starting to carry out the autopsy and the tumor is trying to fire the pathologist.”


I find that definition of “schmuck” rather offensive for reasons I won’t bore you with,

The usual meaning is “an obnoxious, contemptible or detestable person” - it’s Yiddish.
I haven’t flagged the post because I think you’re better than that.

Edit - in any case whatever you think, Putin is a Mensch. Being a Mensch doesn’t mean you are a nice or a good person.
In that interview he described how he had fished an apparently record breaking fish and added that he assumed weights had been added to it to flatter him. He’s aware of these things.


Pure theater. Comey isn’t accused of any crimes, besides leaking lies to the failing NYTimes. And being sad.


I’m thinking of an “Odd Couple” type sitcom: Comey and Snowden are flatmates in Moscow, hilarity ensues.


…with sexy results!

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They should share a flat and run a plumbing business for the Russian government.
“Moving to Russia was a bit of a WRENCH, but now they’ve got a PLUMB job, AND each other!”

I really like their quirky little Russian friend and his cheeky catchphrase, “In Soviet Russia, leaks fix YOU!”


The partisan nature of US politics means that invented crimes like “leaking” are more serious to the Trumper than legitimate criminal activity like obstructing justice or financial corruption. Putin joking about political asylum feeds that idea (master trolling indeed.)

I think Comey’s been about as transparent as he can be in the situation, there’s no benefit for him to lie here, whereas Trump has every reason to lie.


I agree. I thought it was a Yiddisher word for a dunce. As this is BoingBoing, and I had never actually checked the meaning, I thought it was time I did. Is the Urban Dictionary first definition understood in parts of the US?

That’s a great idea, but a bit of a pipe dream. There could be an episode where they replace a proper Russian valve in the Kremlin bathroom with an inferior Czech valve.


I don’t know but I doubt it. The fact it gets upvoted on the UD is no guide to anything - trolls abound. Especially unpleasant racist trolls. But this one is so clearly directed at Obama’s parentage that you would think even the UD would be ashamed to leave it up.


I’m pretty sure only racists would use it, and anyway it’s crap. Suddenly all those old movies with kindly jewish guys calling some guy a schmuck are going to get their meanings changed. no way.

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This is the funniest thing I’ve read on BoingBoing in the past six months, easy. :slight_smile: