Let's Talk to Trump Supporters

I don’t know about you guys, but I have some opportunities on Facebook, Twitter to speak to people who are Trump supporters.

I’d like to share links to stories that can work to share with these people without getting us totally blocked from their feeds. I don’t think they are going to care for anything from AlterNet, for example.

Here’s an example of what I mean. There is some stuff going around about boycotting Starbucks and why aren’t they hiring 10,000 veterans instead of 10,000 immigrants. This is what I am posting in the comments threads.


I quit facebook on inauguration day. That was the last channel I had to Trump supprters, aside from the semiweekly phone call to my in-laws, and we’ve agreed not to discuss politics.


Trying to talk to Trump supporters is like fitting wheels to a tomato; time consuming and completely unnecessary.


Their feeds are seen by others who may be sympathetic but not as rigid in their thinking. If we do not promote good information that can speak to the people who can be flipped in the next election, we will lose. I think we have to keep flooding information out there as best as possible.


It’s not a time for reason. Try again in 18 months.


If they had three brain-cells to rub together they wouldn’t have voted for him. Dialogue should only be opened when they admit they fucked up.


The people I know are very smart. Let’s stop acting superior and engage.



Openly admit that this is a time of hot tempers, but I’m not ready to accept that someone who voted for a man who

  1. Openly mocked a disabled reporter. Then lied about it despite it being on video
  2. Bragged about assaulting women
  3. Ripped off and forced under multiple small business
  4. Effectively stole $600m from Deutsche Bank,
  5. Fenced in homeowners he couldn’t intimidate into lowball purchases of their land
  6. Insulted the parents of a dead soldier on the campaign trail

Can be considered “very smart”.

I understand that people feel marginalised by globalist positions, but this was a stupid act of stupid people. I’ll engage when their idiocy hasn’t resulted in people trying to push another war in the middle east or angling for one in the south China sea. There’s a reason you keep guns from children.


I didn’t start the thread to discuss whether to engage, I wanted to use this as a place to post articles that we felt we could share with those who are partisan that can explain an Anti-Trump position in a more neutral way.

I personally know many Trump voters who are highly educated and intelligent people who are getting some kind of emotional release from Trump’s positions. It’s hard to deal with it, but I think this is the reality of what we are facing. It’s not enough to just elect someone else into office. We must change the dialogue or there will be another gotcha election after this one.


Let’s not.

You are apparently the only one interested. It’s been two harrowing weeks, and the future is uncertain. At some point, you’re right, we need to open a dialogue, but right now, it’s just way too fucking soon.


I can’t not, so I need help.


Hi I posted a similar topic a couple days ago.


Well then you should probably change the title of the thread. And I have no advice besides finding some new friends.


Hi. Well, that makes two of us.


If you don’t like the thread, don’t participate.


I got some ideas but ain’t got the spoons for it today. Be back at it I’m a bit more up for it. :slight_smile:

ETA: When. When I’m a bit more up for it. FFS. :rolling_eyes:


The Starbucks article is good. Thank you for posting that.


Fair enough. But if you are as good as convincing me, I’m sure you’ll be aces with Trump supporters.

You know, I really don’t understand the hostility aimed at @ChickieD here about this topic. The reality is that some of us can’t NOT engage with Trump supporters (as @singletona082 indicated in his thread about this issue), so I see no reason to be hostile to people attempting to figure out how to communicate across the growing divide. As @ChickieD said - if you don’t have anything to offer or you think it’s not worth your time, don’t participate.