What the president of Y Combinator learned from interviewing 100 Trump supporters

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I can’y find a link to this essential reading


Listen to them?

A number of people I spoke to said they didn’t care about anything else he did and would always vote for whichever candidate was more anti-abortion.

“I like that he puts the interests of Americans first. American policy needs to be made from a position of how Americans benefit from it, as that is the role of government.”

“He is anti-immigration.” Note: This sentiment came up a lot. The most surprising takeaway for me how little it seemed to be driven by economic concerns, and how much it was driven by fears about “losing our culture”, “safety”, “community”, and a general Us-vs.-Them mentality.

“He will preserve our culture. Preservation of culture is considered good in most cases. What’s wrong with preserving the good parts of American culture?”

“He’s not Hillary Clinton.”

Okay, I’ve listened.

They can go fuck themselves.


I am doing my best to live this quote from Sun Tzu:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

But dealing with people like that…talk about a drain on the mind and spirit.


Roger That!



I think this is it:


“You need to give us an opportunity to admit we may have been wrong without saying we’re bad people."
They voted for a fascist man-baby. They can go fuck themselves.


It’s Republicans, not Democrats, who will take Trump down.

And who will take the Republicans down?


“If the Russia thing were true.” IF? uh, it sure seems to be true. Have these folks been paying any attention at all? Ah sorry, I forget how rarified the air is way up on the upper slopes of Bullshit Mountain. Of course they haven’t been following the trail of peepee to ‘the Russia thing’. And by Russia thing i mean hookers etc.

Let me put it plainly: they colluded with the FBI and FSB to swing the election. Party before country seems to be their battle cry (Iran Contra, Iran hostages, being Pootypoot’s biatch, 1%ers uber alles)


“You need to give us an opportunity to admit we may have been wrong without saying we’re bad people."

When it comes time to admit your mistakes in this life, you don’t get to dictate how the people you’ve wronged feel about what you did. That’s part of realizing what you did wrong, and owning it. Don’t these people like to talk about personal responsibility? Fucking show some for your own actions for a change!


How about this idea: FIRST you admit you were wrong, THEN you hope others will come to accept your apology and recognize you as a fundamentally good person who made a mistake.


My shrink tries to tell me time and time again that judging and blaming others is only harming myself, and I can get behind that to some degree so I’ll say this: if you’re a Trump supporter I won’t judge you – you do you. That doesn’t mean I have to trust or like you.


If they would support a man that they no longer believe in because liberals criticize them for it then there’s not a hell of a lot to say, is there?


“You need to give us an opportunity to admit we may have been wrong without saying we’re bad people. I am already thinking I made a mistake, but I feel ostracized from my community.”

Wow, BoingBoing editors and community really need to hear this comment! I hate what Trump is doing to this country, but we have to find ways to build bridges with people, find some way to help them change their minds. We rant because indulging in self-righteousness makes us feel good. I myself need to hear this as much as anybody else. We most certainly need to resist Trump’s policies, but we also have to find ways to live alongside each other, or we’re headed towards civil war.


Well, when you vote for a guy who says that mexicans are rapists and murderers, and that all muslims should be prevented from entering the country, and brags about how he can sexually assault women, you’re literally saying that it’s worth the tradeoff.

When you make despicable choices, then you don’t get to be considered a good person.


Tried that for like, two years. The trumpkins weren’t having any of that. They can rot in hell with us.


So, I kind of agree with the sentiment that simply calling out idiots as idiots is counter-productive.

But here’s what I don’t get.

The “calling idiots idiots” strategy is what Republicans used in 2010 to create the Tea Party and overturn Democrats’ majority in Congress. (Except it was more of “idiots calling non-idiots idiots.”) It worked when they did it. But somehow it won’t work if Democrats use it?


When you make despicable choices, then you don’t get to be considered a good person.

But when you say you’re sorry and that you want to change you should be given a chance.