President spreads hate. Again


just saw this on CNN. Isn’t even shocking anymore because you just expect it at this stage.

But it does amaze one that right wing constitution loving die hard republicans some how don’t think the POTUS talking like this is a problem. Imagine if Presidents Clinton or Obama had said something like “The red-neck white hicks need to get off the hill-billy heroin and fix their run down trailer park white trash communities.”


Or called them “deplorables?”


If the last three years have shown us anything it’s that Hillary’s assessment that only half of Trump’s supporters were deplorable people was an incredibly generous estimate.


False equivalency, considering that HRC made one such shitty statement, compared to DJT’s… what is it, hundreds of them now, at least?

And again, the former ain’t the one in power, making everything even worse than it already was; the latter is.


I think part of it is how few of them likely absorbed any information of worth in school, much like the president. I mean, US/European foreign policy (protecting corporate interests) is what ruined “The Squad” members’ ancestral countries in the first place, but I doubt any of them actually realize it.


And Trump’s statements don’t just question the character of his political opponents, they imply that his non-white critics aren’t “American” at all.


After you, Donald Drumpf.


I am still pissed off that she walked back that statement.


As an aside, it sure would be interesting to compare the number of criminal convictions per capita in those congresswomen’s communities with the number of criminal convictions per capita in the Trump White House.


I’d argue false equivalency also because he is currently the actual POTUS. She was a candidate. Is it close sure. But not the same.


AOC and Trump were born in the same borough, 12 miles apart. And her family has been in PR for generations, whereas he’s the one who is the product of recent immigration.

I think maybe the best torture in the world would be for him to have to spend the rest of his life being made fun of – as only the Scots can do – in some sort of public prison cell in Edinburgh or Glasgow.


Great example! She’d have to apologize, and even so it would still be an issue YEARS later.

How is it even shitty? It was no secret that Trump was appealing to people who were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it.” Calling those people out as deplorable is good and appropriate.


Well, I don’t think that that it’s much of a stretch to think that Hillary Clinton is the only one in the circle of rich, white, powerful elites who think that about his constituents. The problem is that she said it out loud into a microphone, and handed them a weapon to cudgel the Democrats.

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U.S., U.S., U.S., Somalia


So HRC’s sin is a political one.
Trimp’s is being an ignorant racist misogynistic asshole actively disrespecting specific colleagues in Congress in ways that can reasonably be expected to result in threats of violence towards those colleagues.


Was she wrong. Nope. Was she stupid and careless for doing so. Yep. Agree completely.


I especially like the bit where Trump declares that the place that AOC and the other freshman Dems of color come from is “crime ridden and broken” and “needs help badly”. True words about the United States.


Has Trump ever insulted anybody? Has he regretted being so “stupid”?

Hillary arguably should have made her remarks even more pointed, not less. With Trump it was a wrestling match, not a debate club, and she needed to be more Jon Stewart and less Al Gore.

And calling some Trump voters idiots and racists wasn’t racist.

Being racist is racist.

I’m also glad someone at CNN is calling what he said racist, and not “racist”.


Changed “origin” to “ancestral” for those who are being willfully obtuse (and I didn’t say country of origin).

Maybe this would suffice? HRC using coded language to portray children of color as animals when supporting Bill’s crime bill…

“They are not just gangs of kids anymore,” she said. “They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.”

Racism isn’t a one-party flaw, and calling it out anywhere it exists is even more appropriate.