If you vote for Trump, then screw you


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From the discourse I’ve seen online, for the vast majority of Trump supporters, an article like this will make them pump their fists in the air, yell HELL YEAH! with pride, and add “human waste” to their Facebook profile underneath “despicable”. Like bullies on a playground, calling them names and telling them they’re doing really stupid stuff just makes them stronger – they absolutely thrive on attention.

It most definitely won’t change anyone’s minds about who they’re voting for, sadly. But I’m sure it was cathartic for Drew to write, and like TobinL I applaud him for doing so.


I am just going to put out a prediction, so it will be available somewhere for future public reference and I’ll be able to claim my rightful extra servings of fried roaches:

If Trumps gets elected, there will be a war in the Baltics, with NATO falling apart shortly after, as a result of US’s unwillingness to go to bat for the smaller member states. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

claim my rightful extra servings of fried roaches

Oh silly me, thinking I’ll still be able to get internet connection…


Humility is a rare virtue among liberals.




Are you suggesting liberals should take a cue from Donald Trump already and learn some humility? 'Cause that is some fine high grade irony right there.


Sure, he’s a bellicose, thieving, narcissistic, corrupt, awful, bullying ignoramus, but it’s nice to finally be able to vote for someone who reflects us!*

  • Trump 2016!


It’s depressing to say… but you totally have a point about all that.


Hilariously, he won’t even do that, because he wants to essentially shut down the FDA.


My bigger concern is the building nuclear crisis in North Korea. Hopefully that idiot will do something before Obama leaves. If not, it’ll definitely be an issue for whoever comes next. That could easily destabilize Asia and the resulting economic crisis would dwarf 2008 and quite possibly 1929.


“But… but… E-mails! And Benghazi! BENGHAZEEEEEEE!


Being located in Europe, I’m selfishly more concerned about that corner of the world… But even taking my bias into account, North Korea still doesn’t seem as worrying. They don’t really have anything to gain by offensive operations. If they use nuclear weapons, the South Korean army will overrun them with enthusiastic Japanese support and the global outrage will prevent China from saving them (which I doubt China would be wild about under these conditions anyway.) North Korean nuclear weapons are mostly… for status quo conservation purposes (horrible as that status quo might be for those involved).

Russia, on the other hand, is on an empire restoring mission - having occupied/indirectly claimed a huge portion of Ukraine already, and looking for any opportunity to break the NATO shield over its previous sphere of influence. The orange clown at the helm would be an absolutely golden opportunity.


I will vote for Donald Trump because I want to see the world burn. Screw everybody.


Joker? I thought you were dead!


There’s a better option for that (but you have to write it in):


Y’know, if I didn’t have a kid (whose existence reminds me of the existence of all the other innocent lives who had no choice in being here) I’d totally be praying for this.


Liberals have no respect for people in “the flyover states” and yet we expect them to vote for liberal candidates. Maybe if liberal writers spoke of Trump supporters with just the slightest hint of respect and understanding those people wouldn’t be supporting Trump. Politics isn’t about policy, it’s about the story you tell and the connections you make. Liberals are very very good at alienating half the country. We make it impossible for people who don’t agree with us to listen to us.


One does not just shame someone into changing their behavior.


If anyone I know votes for Trump, I will hold it against them personally. I haven’t felt this way about any other candidate.